Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 19th July 2020

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Email      [email protected]

Address.    A garage somewhere in the Highlands




I'm just a beginner so  might need some constructive advice and some good direction....thanks....

So I bought this old 1982 Honda for a few hundred quid and have decided to have a wee go at a rebuild. I'm not really interested in putting it back to original at present as I just want a wee bike to run about the city. I'm going to add some pics and some details about how easy it was to strip the thing down and some thoughts on the rebuild. I've rebuilt two bikes  before an Yamaha XT500 (loved that bike) and a GT500 Suzuki, that was such a looonng time ago, and even then it was only quick strip down and tidy up. Didn't enjoy the electrics.  I'm just starting out so have some patience with me .  I'm always looking for help and advice.  Start date March 7th 2015 Finish date.......The bike is finished and Im now riding it August 2020

So I contacted Haynes and asked them for a manual. There isn't one written apparently.  Any knowledge out there who could explain it to me would be helpful.

It's a 250 superdream engine with a 5 speed box. so it's a cb250te engine, or so I'm told when I gave my engine and frame details to Honda Spares?  It goes really slow but I'm not looking for speed. 

Trying to find wiring diagrams and engine specs is hard although I did manage to get a cm250tb microfiche from ebay for very little, getting it printed out was a trick. 

So got some bits and I'm ready to start, this could be a long haul. Pinched the above 4 pics from the internet, they must be somebody's bikes??

engine-panorama redhonda 3redhonda bluehonda 2redhonda

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Honda is a site for Honda owners of two cylinder machines. Take a look by clicking on their logo on the left. If you got an old twin it might be worth joining.

These two sites can be particularly useful too.


here you can search for part numbers for bikes. Mainly USA but still works for some of UK.



I found this on the streets of Helsingor in Denmark. I like the grungy look.

Hey world, if it's your bike give me a shout!