Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 28 March 2020

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Address.    A garage somewhere in the Highlands




Welcome to my blog. First time I tried this so here we go.



By hondacm250tb-biker, Mar 28 2020 08:34PM

So back at the bike again. As always working on too many projects at the same time!!!

Spent a few hourstrying to put the exhaust back on. Damaged the muffler packer on one side and metal on the exhaust box.

Two things. One I hadnt noticed that one of the studs coming out of the head had been replaced and was shorter than the others. One of the fluted exhaust holders had also been machined to accomodate this shorter bolt. AAArrrggghh. I hadnt noticed. Anyway it goes together now but need new packer (£10 worth of education, right!). Two,I also have to weld the exhaust box as can't get a new one. The parts were damaged and torn as I assembled.

Ive got Oxy Acety so will have to give it a go. Planning to make a hardwood plug to ram in the hole the metal in the correct shape, hope it works.

Also been on the front brake, its a good wee job, but the gold paint applied with a brush looks crap! New airfilters also, so hope they work well and no problem with the bike.

By hondacm250tb-biker, Sep 9 2019 05:56PM

Spraying the engine (heat resist) and leaving the casings shiny Aluminium. Took the cases off to get inside the really manky areas. Boy, was it choked with crap. Hope to get the engine painted soon. Casings back on then spray the engine, then casings off and polished up.

By hondacm250tb-biker, Jun 30 2019 10:43PM

So I have a friend who cuts me some parts on the laser. I've had bits cut for the rear rack and also for holding the tear drop indicators I bought. The bike rack metal is cut flat then folded in to 3D. I drew the parts on Autodesk Inventor. The little indicator 'ticks' are two 2mm thick pieces. Only the outside one has the lettering cut out.

I'll add a picture of the parts after coating. What do you think??

By hondacm250tb-biker, Dec 3 2018 10:59PM

So these are the after pictures,

A lot tidier, but still needing work. I'm not gonna blast any more, just gonna paint with Matt Black Heat Resist. And going to bead blast the panels and polish them up. I'm told sand blasting leaves sharper dents in the metal which apparently allows the dirt to accumulate quicker. Bead blasting planishes the surface more so it stays cleaner better.

Things I learned:

Clean all the oily crap off first, I probably will use Gunk or petrol on my real engine. You can see from the last of these three pictures that I didnt make a good job of the top of the gearbox casing, should have removed the crap!

Spend some time getting the settings right on the machine. Ended up about 80psi

Be methodical.

Work outside, I wore a mask, the powder does fly but not as bad as a i thought. Cleaned up the residue and the rain will wash the rest away into the garden.

I used Armex XL soda.