Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 28 March 2020

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Welcome to my blog. First time I tried this so here we go.



trying soda blasting

By hondacm250tb-biker, Dec 3 2018 10:45PM

Took my engine outside to soda blast it. Apparently, sand blasting will do lots of damage to the engine, as the sand seems to hang around for a long time and get inside. Bought the kit on ebay from Millar Soda Blasting. Michael was very helpful with advice. And I bought good quality soda. Took a bit of time getting pressures etc just at the 'sweet spot'. Didn't use as much soda as I thought I might.

Anyway, this engine is an old one with several bits missing. I'm going to practice on it and then strip it down afterwards.

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